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National Geographic

In conjunction with his role as cinematographer on the National Geographic series Drugs Inc.,  Geoff worked directly with the producer to procure a cast of characters for the interviews that included some of the most hard-core, and potentially violent indivuals imaginable. To maintain the stark  realism that the series demanded, Geoff would often put himself at great risk. With the help of his tech consulting team, Geoff located subjects, arranged meetings and often found himself in some secret, smoke-filled room surrounded by major drug dealers, gun carrying thugs and large quntities of "product". After gaining a certain level of trust, Geoff was able to place

beleclavas on the subjects and proceed with the interviews.


To get the right look and feel of the "street", Geoff often joined various government agencies and local police forces for ride-alongs, where he participated in real-time drug busts and wide range of equally dangerous front-line law enforcement activities.

"Drugs Inc - Still frame

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