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Tech Consultant

One of Geoff's primary strengths as a director comes from his meticulous focus on detail and authenticity.  As a visual storyteller, Geoff strives to embed a stark level of grit and realism that is not possible from use of typical library or film reference sources.


In order to attain submersive realism with the greatest possible accuracy, Geoff has developed a team of technical consultants and law enforcement experts with international notariety. These individuals range from professional bounty hunters to law enforcement experts to private detectives specializing in kidnapping, runaways and human trafficking. 


Geoff began solidifying his contacts on the ground level while often deep inside the danger zone - from police ride-alongs to undercover meetings with informants, major drug importers and motorcycle gangs.


If you are a producer or screenwriter developing a crime a story which requires factual accuracy, such as how 21 bodies were found buried in a lime pit in Bogata, or the arrest protocol for a bank robbery suspect in Temple Arizona.  


Geoff 's team will provide the expert consultation you need.


Contact Boundlesslight for a free initial consultation and introduction to his team members who will share the details of their vast experience and show you ways to elevate the realistic potential power of your story - and bring your script to life.








Photo by Geoff Browne  - "Drugs, Inc." Nationat Geographic

On location in Saudi Arabia

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