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"The film looks hauntingly beautiful..." That is what producers at E1 said about Geoff's striking images in "Pig Farm", a feature directed by Academy Award winning director Malcolm Clarke.


Working within tight budget parameters, Geoff used Josh Ashcroft of Talco Lighting as gaffer along with special effects team Martin Testa and Brant FX to create a mesmerizing visual tone. Geoff pulled out every stop and connection to get fog machines, rain towers and a complete array of the most high-end cameras and lenses.


​Seen through the artistic eye of Geoff's camera, getting a great shot is an adventure - whether that means hanging out of a jeep on a twisting, mud-slogged road in Nigeria, or covert meetings with hard-core drug dealers for National Geographic's "Drugs Inc.". 


When Geoff works as DP, his top priority is to bring the director's vision to reality. Even if that requires lying on the road to get better angles of a SWAT team raiding a warehouse in a recent shoot for a new feature starring Tom Sizemore and Michel Pare.


Geoff will go to any length to get great shots - epic images that entertain while stimulating the senses and heart. His extraordinary level of commitment and focus elevates the value and creative integrity of everyone on the set, and embues the filmic qualities that ultimately create a deep and lasting impression on the audience. 


For samples of Geoff's documentary work please contact him.

DP work for Malcolm Clarke

Interviews I shot.

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