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Global Stories with a Unique Perspective

“Geoff, it was a real pleasure working with someone who puts the level of care and intention behind their work like you do.”
                                     Brian Straumford - EP Viral Nation


Demo Reel - Fiction



I'm a Montreal-born filmmaker with a passion for authentic storytelling that has taken me on an incredible journey across the globe. With over twenty-five years of experience, I've directed a diverse range of projects, including award-winning short films, docu-dramas, commercials, and narratives, in countries like Nigeria, China, Tibet, Nepal, India, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

One of my most fulfilling experiences was living alone in a Tibetan village to create the award-winning documentary 'Call it Karma,' which resonated with audiences and found recognition at festivals worldwide.

As a cinematographer, I've had the privilege of working alongside esteemed directors, including a multi-Oscar winner. My lens has captured moments for renowned documentaries like 'Pig Farm,' helmed by an acclaimed director, and Nat Geo's compelling series, 'Drugs Inc.'


Beyond the camera, I've honed my skills as an actor and photographer, exploring diverse avenues of storytelling. It's been an enriching journey, and I've studied under respected mentors to refine my craft.

In addition to my passion for filmmaking, I had the honor of working for Bytedance, directing short corporate responsibility videos around the globe, showcasing meaningful stories that resonate with audiences.

Recently, my script caught the attention of Oscar-winning producers and Oscar-nominated writers known for 'The King's Speech' and 'The Fighter,' leading to its option for future production.

In my latest ventures, I had the privilege of directing for the compelling project 'Viral Nation,' collaborating with talented content creators.  The EP of Viral Nation says “It was a real pleasure working with someone who puts the level of care and intention behind their work like you do.”

Additionally, I embarked on a remarkable journey to Thailand, showcasing my versatility as an actor and photographer in a film featuring notable actors and helmed by an Oscar-nominated writer turned director.

My passion for storytelling drives me forward, always seeking to bring captivating and authentic narratives to the screen. With every project, I aim to inspire and connect with audiences worldwide.

Geoff Browne


Photo by Geoff Browne

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