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Global Stories with a Unique Perspective

Demo Reel - Fiction


Photo by Geoff Browne




Originally from Montreal, Canada, I'm a filmmaker with a global perspective and a knack for capturing real moments, whether through gritty documentaries or recreating them in scripted narratives. My experiences shooting for Nat Geo's "Drugs, Inc." have taken me into the depths of the underworld, where I've encountered active drug dealers and gained insights from cartel informants.

In pursuit of authenticity, I journeyed to Nigeria, specifically the Niger Delta, to research for a screenplay. Now, that script is in production with the Oscar-winning producers of "The King's Speech" and the nominated producer-writers of "The Fighter." These experiences, alongside my journeys through places like Tibet, have uniquely prepared me to infuse truth into my narrative work.

I am committed to continuous growth and learning, always pushing the boundaries of my filmmaking skills. I remain dedicated to staying current and evolving in this ever-changing industry. Over the past years, I've actively pursued opportunities to expand my knowledge, participating in 9 Sundance Collab workshops, as well as attending 9 workshops with AFI's Peter Markham. Additionally, I completed the ASC Masterclass, delving into the intricacies of shooting on volume stages and learning from some of the industry's best cinematographers. These experiences have been invaluable in refining my craft and ensuring that I stay at the forefront of filmmaking innovation.

I also believe in giving back to the community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I volunteered with organizations such as Children Mending Hearts and Ribbon For Humanity. I spent time distributing hospital safety gear and food in areas around LA, including Watts and other inner-city locations. I also visited hospitals to provide much-needed PPE. Furthermore, I volunteered through BAFTA, teaching teens in inner LA about filmmaking and storytelling, sharing my passion for the craft and empowering the next generation of filmmakers.

Geoff Browne

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